Audio Leaked From Obama’s Secret Speech, Let’s Just Says It’s… Disturbing

Former President Obama recently spoke at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. But the speech was very secretive. No one was allowed to record it or post any of the content on social media.

“Following the panel, the sharing or reporting of its contents on public platforms, including social media, will not be permitted. Those who fail to adhere to this policy will be subject to removal from the conference and denied tickets to future SSAC conferences,” said a notice. However, received an audio recording of the event.

During the event, Obama spoke of climate change and claimed that it shouldn’t be okay for citizens to question the validity of the science behind it.

“You and I can have an argument about climate change in which you conclude, ‘we’re not going to stop the Chinese and the Indians from burning a bunch of coal, it’s gone on for a pretty long time; we’re just going to have to adapt, and maybe we’ll invent some new energy source in the nick of time, and that’s why I’m opposed to the Paris Accords,’” said Obama.

“I can’t have that same debate with somebody who just holds up a snowball in the middle of the Senate chamber in winter and says, ‘look there’s no climate change because it’s snowing!’” mocked Obama.