Mayor Bill De Blasio Advocates Law Banning Daddy-Daughter Dances At Schools For A Sick Reason

New York mayor Bill De Blasio wants all father-daughter dances banned from public schools in the city. “I’m a father with a daughter. I think it’s a beautiful idea to have a father-daughter dance,” he said before explaining why they shouldn’t exist.

“The goal is to create something everyone could participate in,” he said in a CBS2 interview. “We just want to respect all our students,” de Blasio said. The Department of education put out a statement in agreement with the mayor.

“Father-daughter dances or mother-son dances can exclude certain students and types of families, and may also be inconsistent with laws that prohibit exclusion on the basis of sex or gender, and are therefore not permissible,” they said.

A few parents also commented with their opinions. “As a former teacher, I think it’s a good idea,” said Brooklyn resident Clara Kitroser said.

Others disagreed. “Why shouldn’t someone who doesn’t have a daddy or a different kind of daddy bring that? It’s not about a daddy, it’s about having someone,” said Upper West Side resident Jeffrey Moss said. Another parent commented on how political correctness is ruining everything. “It’s a father-daughter dance, not a grandmother slash son slash daughter dance,” said one woman.