Kamala Harris Attacks Republicans For Allowing “Our Babies” To Be “Slaughtered”

Pro-abortion Democratic Senator Kamala Harris is suddenly very concerned with human life when it comes to shootings. She argued that it is never okay to allow ‘our babies’ to be slaughtered. And when it comes to babies, and children and their safety, it should not even be a political issue…. Hmmm…

“This might sound a bit harsh. As a prosecutor for years in appreciating homicide and being able to talk to a judge about it and a jury about it, I had to look at autopsy photographs,” started Harris in an interview with MSNBC.

“When you see the effect of this extreme violence on a human body, and especially the body of a child, maybe it will shock some people into understanding this cannot be a political issue,” she said.

“We have to be practical. I support the Second Amendment, but we have to have smart gun safety laws. We cannot tolerate a society and live in a country with any level of pride when our babies are being slaughtered,” said Harris.

Why do Democrats only seem concerned with human life when it has to do with guns? Do you think she is a hypocrite?