CNN’s Stelter Calls Ted Cruz A ‘Coward’ For Not Going On His Show Whenever He Wants, Cruz’s Response Is Perfect

CNN just revealed their true colors. They had an interview with Ted Cruz, didn’t air it, and then insulted Cruz for not interviewing with them. And that is why we call CNN Fake News. The controversy started with a tweet from CNN ‘Reliable Sources’ host Brian Stelter.

“What are they afraid of?” CNN calling out @FLGovScott, @TedCruz, @MarcoRubio for avoiding interviews,” tweeted Stelter with photos of Scott, Cruz, and Rubio.” The implication is that Ted Cruz must interview with Stelter whenever he wants otherwise Cruz is ‘afraid.’ But it’s actually so much worse.

“Gosh, I seem to recall doing not 1, not 2, but THREE town hall debates w/ @BernieSanders on @CNN Each 90 min long. You can accuse me of many things, but being afraid of CNN is not one of them….” tweeted Cruz.

“Senator, today’s @NewDay segment asking “what are you afraid of?” was about the aftermath of the Parkland attack. Why did you appear on Fox but not other networks today?” responded Stelter.

But then… “That’s funny, I spoke to CNN for 15 mins yesterday about proactive solutions to prevent gun violence (like passing the Grassley-Cruz bill—which Dems filibustered—that would add $300 million for school safety) yet CNN has aired NONE of it. Why not air the (entire) interview?” tweeted Cruz.